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GOLDEN CREME Has Been the Most Effective Treatment

GOLDEN CREME has greatly helped the pain in my left foot that is caused by a chronic tenosynovitis of the flexor hallucis longus tendon of three years duration following a slip and fall in September of ’90. My foot has caused me a lot of discomfort these last three years. I can always feel a hardness when I move my foot medially, but it’s not always painful unless I walk on it too much.

GOLDEN CREME has been the most effective treatment so far. My physician, Jerry Morris of the Gulf Coast Injury and Impairment Evaluation Center, had me use one of the OTC topical preparations (I used Icy/Hot) with DSMO, but it always burned for some time afterward, and I found the sensation unpleasant. I also recently tried Dr’s Cream for arthritis but it had the same burning effect.

GOLDEN CREME is cool and soothing and seems to last longer. I usually use it twice a day, sometimes three times if I’m on my foot a lot, and the effect seems to last and control the discomfort. I’m currently using the GOLDEN CREME in conjunction with Motrin and that’s working well. My physician had me on steroids and then on Dolobid. All work as long as I’m not walking extensively on it.

I also write for the publication “Mature Lifestyles”, and we would like to do a feature story about you and the development of your product. Best wishes for the success of GOLDEN CREME. It’s a wonderful product.

Alice Mack, R.N. | Fort Myers, FL

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