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GOLDEN CREME Helps With So Many Things

I am a 73 year-old female. Approximately three years ago I started using GOLDEN CREME. I originally used GOLDEN CREME to relieve the pain from a previous neck injury. Application of GOLDEN CREME to the sore and swollen muscles in my neck completely alleviated the pain by relaxing the muscles. The pain completely disappears, and I no longer have the headaches caused by this tense muscle.

Recently I have had arthritic-like pain in both my shoulders. GOLDEN CREME has completely alleviated the pain in my left shoulder and both thumbs. The relief is almost instant in all of the areas I have mentioned, eliminating the use of any pain killers and allowing me to sleep soundly through the night. I am unable to take more than the prescribed baby aspirin a day due to a heart condition. Ibuprofen sparingly is all I am allowed.

An unexpected benefit was derived from using GOLDEN CREME this past summer. I was awakened during the night with a terrible itch on my inside forearm caused by an apparent spider bite. Since the GOLDEN CREME was on the bedside table, I rubbed it on the bite, getting immediate relief! I have been using GOLDEN CREME since then for bites and minor skin injuries of all kinds.

I keep GOLDEN CREME with me on trips and sincerely hope I am NEVER without it. I drive exclusively on long trips since my husband has had a stroke. GOLDEN CREME has eliminated my neck and shoulder problems, thus allowing me to accomplish this. I am very grateful to the person or persons who have made GOLDEN CREME available and am constantly recommending it to my friends.


Vernia F.  |   Tucker, GA

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