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GOLDEN CREME Provides Excellent Treatment for Short and Long-Term Relief from Pain and Swelling Associated with Arthritis

My name is Dr. Schileru. I am a Doctor of Medicine, my specialty is urology. Eight years ago I had to stop practicing medicine because of my arthritis. On January 7, 1993, [the makers of Golden Creme] asked if I would evaluate a formulation [they] had developed. This formulation consisted of a typical emulsion preparation with the addition of small amounts of proprietary essential oils which [they] shared with me.

All of the components of Golden Creme have been available in “over the counter” preparations for many years. Convinced of its total safety, I agreed to test the efficacy of the preparation. My physical condition on January 7, 1993 [could] be described as unacceptable. I had swelling, pain, reduced mobility, numbness, instability (balance) and difficulty sleeping. The affected areas were feet, wrists, fingers, elbows, neck, and back.

The swelling and pain were particularly acute in the wrists. I decided to continue using the 100mg/day of Voltaren I had been using. I started using Golden Creme on all the affected areas, except the thoracic, lumbar, and coccygeal vertebrae.

On the first day, the pain disappeared IMMEDIATELY (in less than one minute) coming back in four to six hours. The daily routine consisted of applications of the cream morning and evening, combined with 100mg/day of Voltaren. After the first week, the swelling and pain disappeared permanently. On the tenth day, I decided to reduce the applications of Golden Creme to once a day and cut the dosage of Voltaren from 100mg/day to 25mg/day.

I continued this treatment regimen until today, Feb. 22, 1993. My condition at present is generally acceptable. I have no pain or swelling in my feet, wrists, elbows, fingers or neck. I still have reduced mobility and instability, but I now sleep well through the night I am a native of Romania and have lived in the USA and Europe. I currently live in Istanbul because it is economical, and I have access to the hot mineral baths that give relief to my condition. I normally cannot stay away for more than a month or so lest my arthritis becomes even more debilitating and painful.

Golden Creme has allowed me to extend my absence from the baths for more than two months at a time. Also, Europe does not have the severe restrictions that the FDA imposes on the US, so many more products are available. One of these products is a cream or gel produced in Germany which contains dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) in a fairly high concentration. I have used this and experienced some pain relief for a 4-hour duration. But there was no cumulative effect and no apparent reduction in swelling like I receive with Golden Creme. Using the German product my skin after several days became dry and cracked around the treated areas.

My experience with Golden Creme is just the opposite. The pain and swelling are gone, and my skin is soft and healthy. My conclusion about Golden Creme is that it is an excellent treatment for arthritis providing short term and long term relief from the pain and swelling associated with arthritis.

Respectfully submitted, Grigore Schileru, M.D.

NOTE: Voltaren is the trade name owned by Ciba-Giegy for Diclofenac Sodium, an anti-inflammatory. PS. After five days of Golden Creme application morning and evening on the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine, my pain is negligible. 

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