Don’t Let Pain Ruin Your Game

You crouch down to place your ball on the tee. You stand up and grip your club. You’re using more than twenty joints in each hand, along with your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows, not to mention the joints in your back and feet. Arthritis in just a few of those joints could make you dread doing this another seventeen times today.

Or perhaps you’ve strained one of your more than 600 muscles. That one catches a little when it’s trying to move. Shifting your weight, twisting your body, you feel that injury, and your body reacts. Suddenly your perfect swing is off just a bit, and you know it’s going to be a long day.

A little pain can ruin your game, and if you have chronic pain you might consider quitting altogether.

Before you give up, try GOLDEN CREME. Rub a little on before your round, and if necessary, reapply at the turn. Or for chronic pain, use up to four times per day to reduce swelling in joints and get back to enjoying golf again!


 See what other golfers are saying about GOLDEN CREME:

GOLDEN CREME Is Always In My Golf Bag and My Doctor Bag

As a physician and an avid golfer, I have been delighted with GOLDEN CREME. Many years ago I played college football and basketball at Vanderbilt, and my knees and low back, specifically L4 and L5, give me fits. I love golfing, but most days I couldn’t play thru the back 9 holes on the course.

My son-in-law introduced me to GOLDEN CREME, and now it is always in my golf bag…my doctor bag…my car. I don’t want to be without it. It’s not greasy. It doesn’t stink. And it sure has helped my golf game.

I not only use it for myself, but I recommend it to my patients with arthritis and sore muscle pain. My wife can play many more hands of bridge to boot without her arthritic knuckles acting up. Thank you Relief!

Julian O. | Gulf Breeze, FL

Sore, Arthritic Joint Pain Eased After a Round of Golf

In my 40 years of teaching and playing golf, I have used, and heard many golfers use various creams for sore golf muscles, but none have been as effective as GOLDEN CREME. Since I have been using your product after each practice or round of golf, I have eased, if not completely eliminated, my sore, arthritic joints.

My wife also loves GOLDEN CREME after a day of gardening or exercising. Thank you for providing a product that gives us such great relief.

John M. Spiroplaus |  PGA Master Professional Powder Springs, GA