A Love Story in a Jar

It was the late ‘80s, and Frances was at her wits’ end. Her arthritis had gotten worse, to where it couldn’t be tolerated. Yet all the creams that were supposed to ease the pain had ingredients that made her skin burn, tingle, or become numb. Her sensitive skin just couldn’t take it!

Desperate, she turned to her husband “Doc” and their son Jim for relief. The pair of chemists went to work immediately! They aimed to create a cream that went on as easily as lotion, yet penetrated the skin’s surface to deliver effective pain relief to the muscles and joints below.

When they hit upon the perfect formula, Frances said it was like gold and called it GOLDEN CREME. She loved it so much she gave it to all her friends. Doc and Jim couldn’t make it fast enough! Under their close supervision, production was moved from their home lab to an FDA-certified manufacturer and in 1992, Relief, Inc. was formed.

For our family, each jar represents the love Doc and Jim had for Frances and their wish to ease her pain. Our mission for more than 25 years has been to deliver pain relief to those who thought they had tried everything. We want them – and you – to get RELIEF with GOLDEN CREME!