Golden Creme

You Don’t Have to Live in Pain Anymore

GOLDEN CREME is a topical analgesic that addresses pain associated with the lower back, sore muscles and joints, arthritis and fibromyalgia. The active ingredient is histamine dihydrochloride—the hydrochloride salt of histamine. This FDA approved compound is a vasodilator. The carrier cream, designed to penetrate through all dermis and lipid layers of the skin, reaches the muscles and joints quickly and effectively to provide soothing relief.

GOLDEN CREME can be used with applied heat (hot towels, wax or a heating pad) that will not react on sensitive skin with the extreme, sometimes blistering effect associated with other similar dressings. This analgesic not only prevents redness and skin irritation with applied heat, it also requires no heat at all for most aches and pains.


What People Are Saying About GOLDEN CREME

Connie B. | Fayetteville, GA

I am very excited about GOLDEN CREME. I used it on my back when I was limping with lower back pain, and within seconds I was walking without a limp and with hardly any pain. I was in a wreck recently and had mild whiplash. My neck muscles were very sore. I applied GOLDEN CREME and the pain subsided right away. I also have seen great results with my friends who have used it on sore muscles and arthritic hands and feet. Thanks for a product that will be a help to many hurting people.

How Can Golden Creme Help You?


Life is hard enough, nevermind when your own body attacks itself. Rheumatoid Arthritis can be a debilitating, painful struggle every day when dealing with inflammation, painful joints – even battles much deeper in your body. GOLDEN CREME can help you with the inflammation and your painful joints to keep you moving.


As you get older, or you gain too much weight, osteoarthritis can become a major health concern. From joint stiffness and pain in hands and wrists, to the back , neck knees or hips. If you are overweight, it can be hard to exercise when all of your joints always hurt. Losing weight will help ease the pain, and GOLDEN CREME can help you get back out there and lose that weight to reduce the pain in your joints – even if weight gain is not the primary cause of that pain.


This type of ailment can strike no matter how old or healthy you are. Perhaps you pulled or strained a muscle while you were exercising maybe a little bit too intensely? Or maybe you picked up something a little too heavy … You’ll be surprised how just a little bit of GOLDEN CREME can go a long way to making those sore muscles feel better. Who says you have to have pain to have gain?